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Ditch the Fast Food Stops: Bring Healthy Meals On the Go

Posted by Team WCS on 08.06.2018

We all love to take fun trips, but the travel can be exhausting. When it comes to food, we often choose options that are quick, easy, and en route to our destination so we can get back on the road ASAP. If fast food restaurants or gas stations are the only places in sight, our intention to choose a healthy meal may fly out the window in the name of convenience. But there’s good news: With a little bit of preparation and planning, healthy meals can be very convenient fast food alternatives. Try these meal prep tips before hitting the road for upcoming trips.

1. Estimate Travel Time

Knowing how long it will take you to reach your final destination will help you plan meals to take along. Do you have a 2 hour ride to visit family or a 5+ hour drive to the beach? Are you road tripping across the country or flying domestically? If you plan to leave in the morning and are traveling the whole day, you will need to consider options for storing food at safe temperatures. Take a cooler bag and ice pack for cold items, or choose food that can be left at room temperature without becoming a food safety risk. If you’re in the passenger seat and plan to eat immediately after hitting the road, you could also consider taking a hot option.

2. Stock Up on Storage

Food storage containers will be your new best friend. Not only are they environmentally friendly because they are reusable, but they will also keep your food fresh and protect it from accidentally being crushed. A lunch box or small portable cooler are also useful for storing and transporting food.

3. Make a List

Decide what meals will be most practical for your travel plans, and create a shopping list for the items that you will need. Items like whole grain sandwiches, whole wheat wraps, salads, grain bowls and casseroles are all easy to take on the road. However, with food storage containers and coolers, you can take virtually any meal!

4. Prep It and Hit the Road!

On the day or two before you leave, prepare your meals, and place them in food storage containers. With your meals ready to go, you can easily pack your lunchbox or cooler on the day you leave and get en route to your destination quicker, with nutritious fast food alternatives in tow.

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