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Exercise for Self-Care: 2 Tips from WCS Health Coaches

Posted by Team WCS on 01.21.2019

Not everyone enjoys pushing their limits in the gym, especially after a long day at work. Fitness doesn’t have to be about pushing yourself to the max or even going to a gym. That’s where exercise for self-care can become a regular habit. Our bodies naturally want to move, whether it is in the form of walking, running, yoga, or other exercises. Moving intuitively, or when and how our body wants, allows you to focus on self-care while also strengthening your muscles and bones and reducing your risk of chronic diseases.

Whether you get your daily exercise from walking around the park or you enjoy higher intensity workouts, incorporating self-care tactics into your exercise regimen is essential to caring for your wellbeing. Choosing activities that make your mind and body feel good will help you to stay consistent and maximize your physical and mental benefits.

Exercise for Self-Care: Total Wellbeing

Our bodies naturally want to move! Regular physical activity provides the following health benefits:

Moving daily helps us to better care for our bodies and minds, but another key part of self-care is knowing what is best for you in the moment and honoring that. Increase awareness of the connection between exercise and wellbeing with these two practices.

1. Listening to Your Body

In moments where you feel worn-down or stressed, listen to your body’s warning signs. If you’ve hit the gym at 6 AM every morning before work, maybe you need to take a day off to recover. Rest is a form of self-care. Take a day or two off, and you may find yourself coming back to your routine more motivated and energized. You can also listen to your body for guidance on what type and how much movement to do that day. Our bodies want to move, but some days we crave different types and amounts of movement than others.

2. Putting Away Your Phone

Don’t let a text or notification distract you from your workout. Consider leaving your phone at home or in your gym bag, or at least turn it on silent. If you like to listen to music, make a playlist in advance so that you don’t have to keep selecting new songs. When exercising outdoors, take in the nature around you instead of fidgeting with your device. Allow exercise to help clear your head, not cloud it. You’ll be surprised what you can learn about your body and the things around you when you’re mentally present and have a mindset of using exercise for self-care!

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