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Exclusive for January: Desk Yoga 101

Posted by Team WCS on 01.17.2018

This year, we’re continuing to release simple and practical guides, vetted by our experienced health coaching team, for workplace wellness.

You and your coworkers probably have a wide range and long list of exciting goals for 2018—we’re constantly inspired by the work ethic and commitment we see from the employee populations we work with every day. We also know that high levels of stress—whether career-related or personal—aren’t sustainable when it comes to doing your best work and staying healthy.

Common signs of stress include feeling overwhelmed and anxious, headaches, upset stomachs, over eating, loss of appetite and many other symptoms. Deep breathing, going for a walk, and eating a healthy diet and exercising are all positive behaviors that can reduce stress. Different strategies work for different people, but this month we offer advice on setting up a simple desk yoga practice that you can incorporate into your regular work day schedule.

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