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Exclusive Access: November Digital Detox Challenge

Posted by Team WCS on 11.07.2017

As the holiday season enters full swing and work piles up towards those end-of-year deadlines, it can become harder and harder to find mental wellbeing and balance. The holiday season is also a time for appreciating and nurturing our relationships—strong relationships with co-workers can make us more productive and ready to face challenges.

That’s why we’re kicking off the season with an exclusive download of our original Digital Detox Guide for employees. In today’s society, many people walk a fine line between using technology (computers, smartphones, tablets etc.) to make their lives easier and what could be considered an unhealthy addiction to digital devices. While technology can be a very useful tool, overuse can easily create an imbalance that can negatively affect our health.

This month, we are focusing on limiting our use of technology (a “Digital Detox”) in an effort to become more aware of the present, improve in-person relationships and restore a healthy balance to our lives.

Sign up below to access step-by-step instructions for implementing a Digital Detox event and challenge for your workplace.



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