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Exclusive Access: December Stretching Guide

Posted by Team WCS on 12.06.2017

Happy December! This month, we’re offering a brand new “Stretch Yourself” wellness guide for you to download and implement at your own workplace. This month’s theme is stretching—an often-ignored part of people’s exercise routine that has serious benefits, including:

  • reduced muscle tension;
  • improved coordination;
  • increased blood flow to the muscles;
  • and an increase in our ability to perform physical tasks throughout the day.

During a month when you may be tempted to increase your pain at the gym or focus on all of the things you should and shouldn’t eat when it comes to the holiday buffet table, consider a more peaceful, measured way to take charge of your health.

Stretching is the perfect in-office and at-home activity. Our guide includes step-by-step instructions for organizing a stretch event at work, complete with materials and stretching log that employees can take home with them. 

Take care of your whole body this holiday and make stretching part of the regular routine for you and your coworkers!

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