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The Importance of a Robust Environmental Assessment

Posted by Matthew on 04.28.2017

environmental assessmentWhen we bring on new yearlong wellness client, we always recommend conducting a comprehensive environmental assessment. Our proprietary version is called the Wellness Enrichment Survey, and it’s a great way to form a baseline for year-to-year comparison.

The Survey is a strategic tool that allows our program management team to evaluate the physical and cultural environment of a workplace. It identifies areas for improvement and helps us suggested incremental changes to the physical environment of each office location.

There are a few simple environmental survey tools online, but the Wellness Enrichment Survey is much more powerful.

First, it’s extremely comprehensive. The Survey addresses six main areas:

  • Physical environment of employee’s work location
  • Company’s commitment to and support of personal fitness
  • Access to nutritious food and information
  • Presence of a wellness culture
  • Tobacco use
  • Stress management

Second, the Wellness Enrichment Survey is administered and scored by your dedicated Program Manager: a wellness expert who provides guidance and makes recommendations based on years of experience. Unlike the free web surveys, we don’t just give you a score and leave you to figure out the rest on your own.

Based on data from the Wellness Enrichment Survey, our program management team develops high-impact, customized wellness programming for each location, measuring changes to wellness accessibility year over year. Administering the Survey annually tells us what’s going well, what adjustments we can make for the following year, and how we can boost results.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Wellness Enrichment Survey, get in touch!