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You Don’t Have to Wait Until 2028 For These Work Perks

Posted by Team WCS on 07.30.2018

This summer, Money published the piece “7 Amazing Work Perks Coming to Your Office by 2028.” The article gives employees plenty to be excited about—from self-driving cars provided by your workplace to paid caregiving leave. But there are things the article mentions that we don’t have to wait 10 more years for—and “The New Wellness” is one of them.

According to the article, companies will start encouraging employees to take more time for themselves at work, including on-site amenities that promote self-care. The article also made the point that some of the “traditional” wellness work perks that come to mind first—like yoga and meditation—aren’t appealing to everyone, and future programs will be more tailored to employees’ interests.

But here’s the thing: our clients are already doing this. We’re already in the wellness business of the future, helping employers figure out exactly what kind of wellness program makes sense for their unique population. We might have to wait a decade for universal student loan reimbursement (which only 4% of employers provide today), but employees certainly don’t have to wait that long for appealing wellness solutions that help them lead healthier, happier lives.

At WCS, we understand the difference between a turnkey wellness program that feels cobbled together—or worse, like a burden to employees—and a robust, thoughtful culture of wellbeing. That’s why we bring cutting-edge technology, creative program managers, and communications expertise to each program that we implement. From top-rated biometric screenings that leave employees ready to take charge of their health, to health coaches that empower participants to identify and achieve personal goals, our approach comes down to a simple cliché: The future is now. 

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