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Combining Flu Shots and Biometric Screenings: Part 4

Posted by Team WCS on 05.02.2019

In the first three parts of this series, we talked about the many benefits of working with a single vendor to manage biometric screenings and flu shots.

Part 1 was about consistent program management. Simplified appointment scheduling was the focus of Part 2. In Part 3, we discussed how using one vendor for screenings and flu shots leads to better communication.

Today’s final installment is about logistics.

Like so many of the behind-the-scenes aspects of screenings and flu events, logistics isn’t usually top of mind—until something goes wrong. Without the right supplies, the event simply doesn’t happen.

WCS has complete control of its supply chain. Our central logistics warehouse is responsible for shipping and receiving supplies from thousands of events every year, and they do it with incredible accuracy.

In 2018, our accuracy rate for logistics was a whopping 99.994%.

During the implementation process for a flu clinic, your dedicated Program Manager works with each site contact to explain the shipping process and resolve any areas of concern. Our warehouse typically sends all supplies directly to each location well in advance. (Vaccine is an exception. Because flu vaccine has to be kept refrigerated, we send it directly to the lead flu nurse.)

Although screenings and flu shots can be offered separately, many of our clients choose to combine them at the same event. If that is your preference as well, using WCS for both services makes perfect sense logistically. Our warehouse coordinates and tracks all shipments simultaneously.

As we explained when we talked about the logistics of screenings, every item in our warehouse is bar coded and scanned, making it virtually impossible for a shipment to leave incomplete. Program Managers and site contacts receive automated UPS notifications, so you always know where your supplies are.

It’s an incredibly accurate process. When you trust WCS for both screenings and flu shots, you can rest assured that everything will be in place and ready for your event.


We hope we’ve convinced you that WCS is the right choice for both screenings and flu vaccinations. If you’d like to learn more about our services, drop us a line. We’d love the opportunity to show you the WCS difference.

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