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Combining Flu Shots and Biometric Screenings: Part 3

Posted by Team WCS on 04.25.2019

Over the last few weeks, we’ve highlighted the benefits of working with a single trusted vendor to manage biometric screenings and flu shots.

Part 1 of our series showed how maintaining a consistent program management team for both services is better for you and your employees. Part 2 focused on appointment scheduling, and how using one vendor streamlines that process.

This week, we’re talking about communications.

Many of our clients, especially smaller organizations, don’t have a comprehensive strategy for publicizing screening and flu events. So we developed a turnkey solution.

We believe every client deserves quality communications—without additional fees. That’s why we built standard communications toolkits (screenings and flu) that are available to every WCS client, at no additional charge. Each toolkit comes with flyers, table tents, employee FAQs, and templates for announcement emails that can be customized in a variety of ways.

(And if you need more options, our Creative Services design team can build custom communications to your specifications.)

Of course, your company may already have a comprehensive communications strategy. If so, let’s skip to the event itself and talk how using multiple vendors can interfere with your carefully-planned messaging.

If you use separate providers for screenings and flu shots, are all their staff talking about your wellness program the same way? Do they identify themselves consistently—or do they confuse participants by mentioning multiple company names?

WCS frequently white-labels our screening and flu services for a variety of partners. All staff receive the same client-specific training, so they always know how to represent themselves. They can make referrals, answer basic questions, or encourage participants to engage in other aspects of your wellness program.

You’re probably convinced by now that keeping screenings and flu together, under one roof, is the smart move. But just in case, stay tuned—next week, we’ll talk about how our incredible Logistics team manages the supply chain for both services flawlessly.

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