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Case Study: Leveraging Company Culture for a Comprehensive Wellness Program

Posted by Team WCS on 06.28.2018

At Wellness Corporate Solutions, we pride ourselves on tailoring our full suite of wellness programs—from biometric screenings and health coaching to wellness challenges and seminars—to each unique employee population.

Company culture is a big reason why we customize our services. When we begin working with a client, our expert program managers always consider how we can leverage a company’s strengths to design and implement the strongest program possible.

For a large, nationwide construction client, we used this approach to exceed engagement goals five years in a row. We noticed several differentiators that shaped our strategy:

  • Focus on executive support. Company executives have been ready and willing to be involved since launch, with a strong set of core values for the company that we could weave into the program. One of these core values is an appreciation of technology—the team is interested in leveraging technology not only to construct innovative buildings, but also to support their team and provide state-of-the-art resources to employees.
  • Competitive culture. Employees tended to respond best to healthy competition and programs with clear motivations. Many of the employees were physically active for their jobs, and were interested in physical challenges to measure health progress.
  • Diverse worksites. Wellness program participants were distributed across 52 unique locations across the country. This client has been committed to unifying employees, despite geographic diversity and many different kinds of worksites.

Given these characteristics, we designed a program that would provide consistency, tap into the team’s competitive spirit, and take advantage of executive interest. 

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Leveraging Company Culture

Annual Retreat Activities to Engage Employees and Executives

  • We worked closely with the company’s HR department to offer wellness activities at their annual retreats, which all employees and executives were encouraged to attend together.
  • 87% of company executives participated in their wellness program in 2017-2018. (40 out of 46 at the Vice President level or higher.)

Two-tier Incentive Program with 87% Participation

  • After the fourth year of the program (2016-2017), we shifted to a two-tier incentive program that allowed employees to participate at two separate levels.
  • Employees have to complete a Health Risk Assessment and biometric screening to reach the first tier incentive level (240 points).
  • For the second level, employees need to earn an additional 300 points from participating in retreat activities, wellness challenges, doctor’s appointments, webinars, and more.
  • Because the incentive program is participation-based, employees felt welcome and excited to engage with the program and choose the activities that were a natural fit.
  • Participation amongst eligible employees increased from 77% to 87% (even while the total number of eligible employees also increased) after the two-tier system was introduced.

Access to Custom Wellness Challenges and Campaigns

  • We rolled out multiple month-long wellness challenges that earned employees points while emphasizing teamwork and healthy habits.
  • A plank challenge for core strength and a “Water Works” hydration challenge were two of the most popular options.
  • All of our wellness challenges are designed by a subject matter expert, are associated with a theory of change, and reviewed by one of our health coaches. All our health coaches are Registered Dietitians.

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