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Case Study: Health Education Drives Lifestyle Changes

Posted by Team WCS on 10.01.2018

We have always emphasized all the reasons why biometric screenings and health education go hand in hand, and we pride ourselves on delivering both services at the highest level.

For one large energy sector client with over 81 locations and hundreds of events across multiple states, a commitment to health education has taken their program to the next level. They instituted health education at a majority of events in 2015, which in turn has increased the number of employees planning behavior changes. In 2014, this client only had health educators at 2% of their events, and by 2016 they not only doubled their total number of screening events, but also transitioned to a majority of events with health educators.

How do we handle health education at WCS—and why does it matter?

Our nationwide network of health educators is composed exclusively of Registered Dietitians. They spend 10-15 minutes in confidential, one-on-one sessions with participants directly following their screening appointment to go over their results. This is a perfect time for participants to ask questions about their numbers and learn about some next steps they could take to maintain or improve their health status.

That’s why we’re not surprised that health education has inspired more and more of this client’s participants to indicate that as a result of the screening, they plan to make changes to their lifestyle. Over the course of the four years since health education became the standard offering at this client’s events, they experienced 15% increase in participants planning to modify their behavior.

Lifestyle changes are what we strive for as a wellness provider. Our mission is to help people live healthy and work well—and that means sustainable behavior changes that improve all aspects of an employee’s life. Whether it’s becoming more active to lower diabetes risk and spend more quality time with your kids, or swapping in different snacks to lower blood pressure and gain more energy through the day, healthy habits are the cornerstone of wellbeing.

Increasing the presence of health educators at this client’s screening events has also coincided with participation increases. Screening participation rates increased at 72.5% of the locations that added health education starting in 2015.

Consistent, High-Satisfaction Events

Finally, we always care about making sure that participants have the best experience possible when it comes to biometric screening events. These events should not only empower employees with important information, but also feel like a benefit. Over 97% of respondents from this client said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend health education sessions to others.

One of the things we value is being able to deliver a high-quality, consistent experience for diverse employee populations, who often have a wide variety of roles in the company and are spread out across many different offices or worksites. That’s why we also offer WELLReview, an option for clients with venipuncture screenings or participants taking advantage of off-site options.

What’s next?

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