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Building Our Own Culture of Wellness From Within

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 07.28.2017

In each of us are core values that we strive to practice daily. One of our most fundamental values is Live Well. As we build our own culture of wellness, we want every WCS employee to reap the benefits of good health.

Jen Silverman, Strategic Sales Director, is no stranger to staying active and living well in the big apple (New York City).

Jen considers herself lucky to live in such a well-friendly city, having the ability to walk anywhere she wants, have access to some of the best fitness studios in the world, and amble choices of healthy food right at her doorstep!

Her favorite classes are at “Tone House,” an athletic-based group fitness studio whose workouts are modeled around sports conditioning. She was even featured in their “meet the team” special!

Jen’s tip to Live Well: “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If  not you’ll find an excuse.”

When asked if she could add one more “Live Well” goal into her repertoire, she answered with yoga!

“I know the immeasurable benefits and do a lot of yoga poses when I’m stretching, but I could focus more on breathing exercises.”

What Live Well activities do you incorporate into your life? Comment below!

Laura is a Marketing and Communications Associate at Wellness Corporate Solutions.

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