Corporate Wellness Insights

Stay Refreshed and Hydrated with Infused Waters

Posted by Team WCS on 07.11.2019

Staying hydrated is crucial to your health, especially in the summer months when temperatures and humidity levels rise. When you spend time outside in [...]

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Food Safety Tips for Your Next Cookout

Posted by Colleen Sideck, MPH, RDN on 07.03.2019

Summer cookouts can be a great way to bond with family and friends. You can share in outdoor fun and good food all in one place. However, as the tempe [...]

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Splash into Summer: How to Relax and Stay Safe at the Pool

Posted by Colleen Sideck, MPH, RDN on 06.28.2019

For many, it doesn’t quite feel like summer until you’re relaxing at the pool. Maybe you remember days from your childhood when you spent your sum [...]

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Why You Should Exercise Outdoors

Posted by Team WCS on 06.21.2019

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, many people are choosing to take their fitness routines outdoors, and for good reason! Physic [...]

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Soak In the Sun and Vitamin D

Posted by Team WCS on 06.05.2019

Vitamin D might be known as the “sunshine vitamin,” but our bodies need it year-round, even when the sun isn’t shining. Many people find it’s [...]

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