Corporate Wellness Insights

September is Healthy Aging Month. Celebrate with WCS!

Posted by Team WCS on 09.20.2018

One of the best parts of implementing wellness programs at clients of all shapes, sizes, and industries is that we get to help a diverse group of empl [...]

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Coach’s Corner: Healthy Risotto with Mushrooms & Barley

Posted by Team WCS on 09.13.2018

Last week we shared information about types of whole grains that you might not see very often. Many of those grains could be used as a substitute for [...]

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6 Whole Grains Our Health Coaches Recommend

Posted by Team WCS on 09.06.2018

At some point in your life, you have likely been told to “eat more whole grains.” So what is a whole grain? A whole grain is made up of three part [...]

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One More Reason to Include Health Educators at Your Screening Events

Posted by Team WCS on 08.29.2018

We think that biometric screenings are the cornerstone of any wellness program because they empower participants to understand their health status. Wh [...]

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Why Nature Makes Us Happy

Posted by Team WCS on 08.27.2018

Imagine yourself in an outdoor space surrounded by trees, green grass, and the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling. You see the blue sky and [...]

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