Corporate Wellness Insights

Millennials Enthusiastic about Wellness

Posted by Matthew on 03.01.2017

Our friends at Wellable blogged recently about millennials—the largest employee generation in the workforce—and how they view wellness programs. [...]

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Disease Management vs. Physical Fitness

Posted by Matthew on 02.27.2017

In a recent opinion piece, Gary Cassidy, a fellow wellness executive, reminds us that when it comes to corporate wellness programs, it's what's on the [...]

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Flu Season Hitting Small Businesses Hard

Posted by Matthew on 02.24.2017

January through March is peak flu season. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this season is particularly wides [...]

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Flextime and Working Remotely Growing Nationally

Posted by Matthew on 02.22.2017

A recent New York Times article highlighted the increase in the number of employees working remotely, and the numbers of hours they’re doing so. We [...]

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Wellness Trends on the Horizon (Part 2)

Posted by Matthew on 02.20.2017

Last Monday, we looked at the economic impact that workplace wellness and the overall wellness industry have on the global economy, as estimated by t [...]

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