Corporate Wellness Insights

5 Ways to Make Wellness Challenges Fun and Effective

Posted by Leah Evert on 05.31.2017

Year after year, our participants list wellness challenges as their favorite part of their company’s wellness program. These short-term campaigns [...]

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5 Questions Every Wellness Program Manager Should Ask

Posted by Leah Evert on 05.30.2017

What makes a wellness program successful? Many things, of course: executive support, effective communications, robust incentives, and much more. Bu [...]

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Go Red For Women: Fighting Heart Disease

Posted by Matthew on 05.26.2017

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, according to the American Heart Association. It's responsible for one out of every three deaths [...]

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WCS Employees Live Well

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 05.24.2017

In each of us, including members of our executive team, are core values that we strive to practice daily. One of our most fundamental values is Li [...]

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Wellness Champions: Critical to Program Success

Posted by Leah Evert on 05.22.2017

"Top-down leadership" is a buzzword in HR and employee wellness, and for good reason. When the CEO is involved, others tend to follow. You need the b [...]

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