Corporate Wellness Insights

3 Reasons Dietitians Make Great Health Coaches

Posted by Matthew on 04.14.2017

When we conduct a biometric screening, it's not uncommon for several participants to discover that they have an undiagnosed health condition: high bl [...]

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Fingerstick Screening or Venipuncture?

Posted by Matthew on 04.12.2017

As a biometric screening vendor, we're often asked whether we recommend fingerstick or venipuncture screenings. A fingerstick screening takes only a f [...]

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Schedule Flu Clinics Now for Full Season of Protection

Posted by Matthew on 04.10.2017

The CDC’s latest weekly FluView Report is a reminder of how seriously the flu can impact employees' personal lives and work productivity. Even th [...]

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Fidget If You Must, Just Move!

Posted by Laura on 04.07.2017

Were you ever told as a child to stop fidgeting? Well, if you have trouble sitting still as an adult, a recent study cited in the New York Times su [...]

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Celebrate National Walking Day

Posted by Matthew on 04.05.2017

Today is National Walking Day, an annual event sponsored by the American Heart Association to help people remember the many health benefits of walking [...]

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