Corporate Wellness Insights

On Site Health Fairs: Why Employees Should Know Their Cholesterol Levels

Posted by Fiona on 10.24.2007

Blood cholesterol has a lot to do with the chances of getting heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in the United Sta [...]

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Employee Wellness-a global business initiative

Posted by Fiona on 10.19.2007

According to a survey by Buck Consultants of employers representing over 7 million employees, employee wellness programs are being offered by companie [...]

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Walking Programs, A Cost Efficient Way to Improve the Health of Your Employees

Posted by Fiona on 10.18.2007

You have finally talked yourself into the enormous benefit of having a health fair and making employees more aware of their lifestyle behaviors. After [...]

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Health Insurance Keeps Going Up! What is a Company to Do?

Posted by Fiona on 10.16.2007

Today's Washington Post reported that companies can expect their 2008 health insurance costs to rise by 6-7%. Premiums will be even higher for sma [...]

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Technology does not trump face-face: a high touch approach to wellness is best

Posted by Fiona on 10.15.2007

I am not saying that technology does not have its place in wellness programs. It can be the most cost effective way to obtain and distribute informat [...]

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