Corporate Wellness Insights

6 Strategies from the Great Place to Work 2019 Summit that Employers Should Adopt

Posted by Team WCS on 03.12.2019

Earlier this month, we attended the Great Place to Work For All Summit in San Francisco to celebrate the best workplaces in America (including many of [...]

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The Scoop on Soy: What You Need to Know

Posted by Team WCS on 03.04.2019

There's so much information swirling around out there about which foods are good and bad for us—like do the soy health benefits outweigh the negativ [...]

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Flexible Screening Options Can Accommodate Every Employee

Posted by Team WCS on 02.28.2019

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible screening options — not just to make things easier for our client contacts, but also to make sure that as [...]

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5 Mindfulness Tips to Manage Chronic Stress

Posted by Team WCS on 02.26.2019

Stress is a daily component of our busy lives. While stress can certainly ebb and flow between days, mismanaged stress can build up into a chronic con [...]

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Health Coaching Recipe: Heart-Healthy Soup for Cold Nights

Posted by Team WCS on 02.22.2019

In the middle of a cold winter, few meals carry the appeal of a big bowl of soup to warm you up from the inside out. Cans of soup, while convenient, a [...]

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