Corporate Wellness Insights

Healthy Eating Habits: No-Bake Oatmeal Energy Bites

Posted by Team WCS on 08.13.2018

Why do we share recipes? Because our health coaches are committed to helping people make sustainable behavior changes. When it comes to developing hea [...]

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New Study: Flu Shots Prevent Flu and Reduce Severity

Posted by Team WCS on 08.08.2018

We're big on flu vaccines because they're one of the simplest things an organization can do to protect workers and improve employees' quality of life. [...]

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Ditch the Fast Food Stops: Bring Healthy Meals On the Go

Posted by Team WCS on 08.06.2018

We all love to take fun trips, but the travel can be exhausting. When it comes to food, we often choose options that are quick, easy, and en route to [...]

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3 Reasons to Limit Bottled Water

Posted by Team WCS on 08.01.2018

It is a basic human need to drink water and hydrate. In the United States, bottled water is the go-to way to hydrate. In fact, the U.S. is the world†[...]

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You Don’t Have to Wait Until 2028 For These Work Perks

Posted by Team WCS on 07.30.2018

A few days ago, Money published the piece "7 Amazing Work Perks Coming to Your Office by 2028." The article gives employees plenty to be excited about [...]

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