Corporate Wellness Insights

Live Well: Tips from WCS

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 06.23.2017

WCS has six core values that we strive to include in our daily lives. One of them is to Live Well. Since we work in the wellness field, we want o [...]

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Data Security and the Importance of Training

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 06.21.2017

We take pride in collecting and managing biometric screening data with extreme care. Keeping our clients' sensitive information safe is a top concer [...]

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Get Creative Juices Flowing with Walking Meetings

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 06.19.2017

We support and encourage healthy behaviors as a part of our own internal wellness program, EnergEEE. Working while walking on treadmill desks is [...]

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Is Multitasking a Healthy Workplace Behavior?

Posted by Leah Evert on 06.16.2017

Once a proud accomplishment, employers are taking note about the toll multitasking plays on an employee’s attention. With the ability to work on mul [...]

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We’re a Top 20 Wellness Vendor!

Posted by Laura Scaduto on 06.14.2017

With so many wellness companies to choose from, we know it can be difficult to navigate all the great options available to your company. That’s why [...]

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