Corporate Wellness Insights

Why Walking at Work Boosts Productivity

Posted by Matthew Benton on 08.18.2017

Before we moved to our current headquarters, the WCS office was near a residential neighborhood with quiet streets—perfect for a quick walk. Wal [...]

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Can Stress Be a Tool for Success?

Posted by Team WCS on 08.14.2017

One of the most common topics our health coaches deal with is stress management. Balancing the personal and professional spheres of life is a chal [...]

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What is a Health Coach?

Posted by Team WCS on 08.11.2017

Health coaches play an important role in our clients’ lives. They’re able to mentor, motivate, and cultivate positive choices to support lifestyl [...]

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3 Common Myths About Flu Shots for Employees

Posted by Katy Gathright on 08.09.2017

Flu season is coming around again. It begins in October and lasts through May—so at WCS we consider the summer an important time to learn the facts [...]

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Our Best Advice for Effective Incentives

Posted by Matthew Benton on 08.07.2017

As wellness incentives grow more and more complex, our clients rely on us to lead the way and suggest best practices. If you're currently considering [...]

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