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Our Best Advice for Effective Incentives

Posted by Matthew on 08.07.2017

17123254699_c2f412c9ee_zAs wellness incentives grow more and more complex, our clients rely on us to lead the way and suggest best practices. If you’re currently considering incentive options, I would offer the following advice:

Keep it simple. Start small, especially if your wellness program is new. Work with your wellness vendor to design an incentive plan that is easy to grasp and avoids confusion.

Communicate early and often. An incentive program isn’t worth much if your employees don’t understand how it works. Use existing communication channels and all other methods that makes sense—email or print announcements, webinars, on-site kickoff events, and more—to explain the details.

Choose wisely. There’s no magic formula for employee engagement. Incentive options run the gamut, from gift cards to additional time off to discounted health insurance premiums. Survey your employees if you’re not sure what would best motivate them.

Lastly, wellness incentives are subject to a variety of ever-changing regulations. Especially if you’re considering outcomes-based incentives, make you understand the law. Reasonable alternative standards are required in some cases. Talk to your vendor about how incentive regulations may affect you.

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