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April Workplace Wellness Guide: Find Your Running Shoe

Posted by Team WCS on 04.09.2018

This year, we’re continuing to release a simple and practical workplace wellness guide every month, with ideas vetted by our dedicated Full Circle program managers and experienced health coaching team, who are experts in guiding employees towards healthy habits and wellness goals that make sense for them. They are also registered dietitians

There are many ways to promote physical activity in your workplace—but for many, the physical discomfort of being on your feet, let alone running, is a barrier to an active lifestyle.

This month, help your coworkers discover what kind of shoe might provide theworkplace wellness guide for running shoes best support for their arch type and foot alignment. Many running stores and shoe stores provide gait analysis that help inform what kind of sneakers customers can buy—but you can help your employees learn more about their shoe needs right there in your workplace!

This event can provide employees with practical, actionable information in just a few minutes. With goals ranging from 10,000 steps to walking meetings to a first 5K, finding the right running shoe can go a long way towards setting up your coworkers for success.

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