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5 Questions Every Wellness Program Manager Should Ask

Posted by Team WCS on 05.30.2017

program managerWhat makes a wellness program successful?

Many things, of course: executive support, effective communications, robust incentives, and much more. But the key to long-term success is effective program management. Working with an expert Program Manager from the outset is essential.

At WCS, Program Mangers are much more than just account managers. They’re your own personal wellness consultant—dedicated to customer service and laser-focused on results.

Every company has a distinctive corporate culture. That’s why our Program Managers spend a lot of time getting to know what makes each client unique.

Here are a few questions that your Program Manager should be asking:

  • What drives employees? Are they results-oriented, or do they strive for intangibles such as milestone awards?
  • Who leads the pack? Can Program Managers connect with influential leadership and make sure they champion the wellness program?
  • How is the competition stacked? Do departments already compete in ways that can be leveraged as a part of the wellness program?
  • How is important stuff communicated? Is email effective or ignored? Does word-of-mouth work best?
  • What is the collective attitude towards employee health? Do employees feel the wellness program supports their individual health goals?

Once the Program Manger has answered these key questions, he or she can start working with the client to develop a wellness program that is meaningful and personal for every employee.

If you’d like to learn more about our awesome Program Managers (and our comprehensive wellness programming), drop us a line!

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