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3 Ways to Build Choice into Your Wellness Program

Posted by Team WCS on 04.19.2018

Employers who are looking to provide flexible choices for their employees would do well to evaluate their wellness program strategy. Partly because more generations are in the workforce than ever, it’s becoming tougher to get away with one-size-fits-all benefits packages. Just as it makes sense for employers to diversify their benefits packages, so should they consider building in more choices when it comes to their wellness programs.

1. Diverse Challenges and Activities

One reason we love wellness challenges is they open up a wide range of options for employees. Our expert program managers help clients implement customized, comprehensive wellness programs—and we find that challenges are particularly effective at engaging employee populations, partly because they add real variety to the participant experience.

2. Multi-Tier Incentives

Incentives programs can be a powerful tool to motivate employees. For instance, we love helping clients design and implement incentives programs that are based on participation. In this type of program, participants can earn rewards for completing screening and health coaching appointments, health assessments, challenges, and more.

A multi-tier incentives program allows participants to engage at a level that feels right to them—and often, participating at a lower level is the first step, or hook, that increases an employee’s engagement over time. Instead of an all-or-nothing approach, consider whether multiple tiers could be a good fit for your employee population. Learn more about our best advice for incentives programs here.

3. Health Education Options

We have a strong bias towards health education—we believe that empowering employees to take charge of their health starts with biometric screenings, and continues with consistent guidance from experts. Work with us to determine whether your employee population is best set up for on-site health education with screenings, off-site options, or a full-scale health coaching program. We find that allowing employees to opt-into these services yields high satisfaction, strong engagement, and improved health outcomes.

When it comes to offering employees choices, remember that wellness programs always rely on strong, consistent communication. Communicating options in a clear way prevents a well-intended array of choices from becoming overwhelming and stressful.

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