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3 Tips for Successful Off-Site Biometric Screenings

Posted by Matthew on 07.12.2017

biometric screeningsOn-site biometric screenings are best, but it’s important to offer alternatives for remote workers, or for employees who aren’t available on the big day. Off-site biometric screenings often make it possible for a wider group of employees to participate.

Here are three tips for making off-site screenings a success.

1. Allow enough time.

Employees who are screened on-site don’t have to travel far. The screening comes to them! But participants using off-site vouchers have a bit more work to do.

When setting deadlines, be generous. There isn’t a universal rule, but a week may not be quite long enough. A month is usually more reasonable.

2. Consider all the options.

WCS offers several off-site screening options for participants, starting with physician forms. Employees simply ask their physicians to complete a simple form with their biometric data and fax it to WCS for processing. We also work with several nationwide lab partners that offer voucher programs for our clients. Give employees more than one path to a screening.


3. Make off-site biometric screenings a priority.

All employees, whether remote or based in a regional office, deserve a chance to know their numbers. Office-based employees sometimes think of vouchers as a backup—an alternative in case they can’t make the on-site biometric screening. But for remote employees, a voucher may be the only chance they have to be screened.

Accommodating all employees, regardless of geographic location, shows that you care about the well-being of the entire company. You can even still pair off-site screenings with our telephonic health education service: learn more about WELLReview today.

To learn more about biometric screenings with Wellness Corporate Solutions, contact our team today.