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3 Ways to Plan for Health Roadblocks

Posted by Team WCS on 02.12.2018

When trying to get healthier, we’re bound to encounter challenges. Roadblocks can come into play at any point in our journey. We may run into them when we’re first getting started, or they may surprise us down the road after we’ve been practicing our new habits for several months. Preparing for potential health roadblocks before they occur can help us to avoid being caught off guard when we hit them. Continue your healthy habits with confidence, even when challenges come your way, by using these three steps to plan ahead.

1. Anticipate challenges.

Think about what might get in the way of your new healthy behaviors. If you tried to make a similar change before, what prevented you from making it a lasting habit? Make a list of these potential roadblocks.

2. Make a game plan.Overcome health roadblocks

Think about what you could do to move past each of the potential challenges on your list. If you’re trying to make running or walking a habit, then create a back-up plan to help you stay active even when the weather outside is bad. Consider using a treadmill at a local fitness center or walking around the mall to get your steps instead. If you accidentally hit your morning alarm one too many times, could you fit in exercise during your lunch break, after work, or on a rest day instead?

3. Adjust for life changes.

As much as we would like to have a plan for everything, our lives are constantly changing. New, unexpected challenges can arise seemingly out of the blue. If you do have a setback, don’t give up. Learn from the setback, and add the challenge to your list of potential health roadblocks. Your experience will help you to create a smart, effective plan for handling it in the future. Get back to your healthier behaviors as soon as you can, and keep in mind that now you’re more prepared to succeed than ever before.

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