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3 Questions Employees Always Ask About Biometric Screenings

Posted by Matthew on 05.12.2017

4932655275_9af8d4e8b6_zWhen it comes to biometric screenings, it’s always helpful to anticipate employees’ questions in advance. Today, I’ve listed three of the most common questions we always address in our communications:

Why screenings?

When employees understand why you’re offering biometric screenings in the first place, they’re more likely to trust the process. They need to know that screenings are an investment in their health: plain and simple. Ideally, this message would come from someone who speaks for the entire organization, such as the CEO.

What happens to my health information?

You may know HIPAA inside and out, but your employees don’t. Help them understand that their health information is protected. If you’re sharing employees’ data with a third-party, such as a wellness vendor, be sure to explain exactly how and why.

Are the tests accurate?

Some people assume that workplace screenings aren’t as reliable as laboratory tests, but that’s simply not true. Doctors and hospitals across the country use the very same equipment we use. Ask your screening vendor for technical documentation and make it available to your employees.

Speaking of questions: If you have any, drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help.

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