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19 Corporate Wellness Trends for 2019

Posted by Team WCS on 01.11.2019

Employers want to build strong, resilient workforce that is not only healthy, but also happy and fulfilled. We love teaming up with our clients and partners to help employees live healthy and work well across America—so we compiled this list of 19 corporate wellness trends to help companies assess what a cutting-edge wellness program looks like.

  1.  Monitoring early, monitoring often. New guidelines show that it’s important to monitor cholesterol closely throughout life to prevent heart disease. For heart disease and a range of other chronic health conditions, knowing your numbers early matters. Access to regular screenings makes a huge difference.
  2.  Intuitive technology. An easy-to-use platform encourages employees to participate in a corporate wellness program. Look for a streamlined process, all the way from scheduling a screening or coaching appointment to accessing your health results.
  3.  Flexible options for remote employees. The best wellness programs are entirely inclusive—so that no matter where or when employees work, they can take charge of their health and get the full range of benefits as their coworkers.
  4.  Personalized goal-setting. Everyone has their own set of priorities, and health coaches should help employees take positive steps that make sense for themLearn about our Ready-Set-Goal method here.
  5.  And a focus on team goals too! Collaborative teams get more done—team-based wellness challenges are one great way to help employees come together to reach common goals.
  6.  Real-time analytics. Forget data lags. Employers can benefit from real-time information about employee participation, population health trends, and more.
  7.  Engaging and accessible content. Employers and employees should expect ongoing, practical advice that makes wellness real, attainable and communicates the value of prioritizing health.
  8.  Confronting diabetes and heart disease. Diabetes and heart disease are serious epidemics—and smart wellness programs empower employees to avoid or manage these health challenges.
  9.  Spotlight on stress. Health coaches are on the frontlines of our stress epidemic, and offer a range of strategies to help employees cope and thrive.
  10.  Honing in on healthy habits. There’s no shortage of health information these days. Employees benefit most from advice that guides them towards sustainable behavior changes.
  11.  Supporting internal champions. Some of the best messengers for wellness are already inside your company—and a strong program will lift them up. See what the data says.
  12.  Measuring engagement. Successful wellness programs in 2019 will measure employee engagement—which experts now consider to be a key factor for a company’s success.
  13. One-stop shop vendors. Vendors that provide screenings, flu shots, health coaching, and other customizable services as one coordinated team ensure your program is hassle-free for all involved.
  14.  Hands-on program management. Even as wellness industry technology improves, there’s no substitute for hands-on program managers and subject matter experts who make sure that wellness programs are strategic and seamless.
  15.  Health education becomes standard. There’s no better moment to begin thinking about lifestyle changes than right after you get your screening results. Check out this case study on the topic.
  16.  Support for all generations. From building healthy habits in your 20s to managing the aging process, wellness programs should offer advice that matches the unique lifestyle and challenges of every age group.
  17.  Saying farewell to flu. Right now in the middle of winter, it’s easy to see how sick days and low morale from the flu sets your team back. Workplace flu shots (and vouchers!) help everyone avoid the worst of flu season.
  18.  Open dialogue. Good services run on feedback. Top 2019 wellness programs will incorporate feedback from employees, clients, health professionals, and other vendors—and will always support employees as real people, not just statistics.
  19.  Focus on culture. Companies come in all shapes and sizes—and each one has a unique culture. Successful wellness programs will not only reflect your company culture, but also help build it.

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