Health informatics

Wellness With a Mission

Successful wellness programs are driven by data. Our Health Informatics team works with you to deliver real-time data, actionable analytics, and dedicated customer service.

Every client or partner works with a dedicated member of the Health Informatics team. Your Data Manager is there from the beginning of the planning process to ensure all your data and reporting needs are met.

The wellconnect advantage

Nothing is more critical than getting the data you need, when you need it. That’s why we developed WELLConnect, a data management system that enhances the capabilities of our screening solutions.

In-depth analytics

Data analytics affects every aspect of a wellness program. The Health Informatics team offers a comprehensive reporting package that will help you and your Program Manager track progress and understand your population’s health risks.

Data security and integrity

Keeping your employees’ data safe is our top concern. We have numerous systems in place to prevent unauthorized access to Protected Health Information, all under the strict supervision of the Information Security team.

    WCS was one of the first screening providers to develop a tablet-based method of data collection. ScreenSMART allows staff to record and transmit data in real time, over a secure connection that keeps data safe. The system also makes the participant check-in process secure and efficient.
    Our clients and partners have access to data files in real time through our API, or via secure FTP in a format you specify, following a schedule that works for you. No more waiting for data.
    Pre-populated digital forms can be downloaded from a secure website, quickly and easily, eliminating the need to fill out multiple forms. For employers and partners, this means improved data accuracy and participant matching and faster uploads.
    Our developers can work with your organization’s IT department to set up single sign-on, providing a fast, easy way for participants to access our systems without remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

In-depth analysis

Data analytics affects every aspect of a wellness program. The Health Informatics team offers a comprehensive reporting package that will help you and your Program Manager track progress and understand your population’s health risks.


Standard reporting

For biometric screening clients, the Health Informatics team provides HIPAA-compliant aggregate reporting that includes all sources of data, including off-site voucher options. We can also import historical data to produce comprehensive cohort aggregate reporting. For Full Circle Wellness clients, the Data Manager also compiles status reports that provide a comprehensive overview of programming: biometric screening results, health assessment data, coaching metrics, incentive reporting, and more.


Risk stratification

The Health Informatics team can stratify your population in a number of ways based on risk. Biometric data or a health assessment score can be used to categorize individuals into low-, moderate-, or high-risk categories. We can also stratify based on metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that may indicate increased risk for cardiovascular disease — or we can use the categories defined by the Framingham Heart Study. Your Program Manager and Data Manager will discuss which method is right for you.


Predictive modeling

Through a partnership with Springbuk, we offer a powerful data analytics tool that combines biometric and health assessment data with medical claims, workers’ compensation data, payroll and attendance, and much more. The result is a simple, easy-to-use data dashboard that displays current costs, biometric risk factors, preventive care compliance, and opportunities for health care cost savings.

Data security and privacy

  • All WCS personnel must complete annual data security and HIPAA training and undergo background checks
  • Access to Protected Health Information is limited to employees who need access
  • The Health Informatics department is secured by keycard scanners and surveillance cameras
  • WCS uses a segregated, encrypted database and file servers, hosted by a SSAE16 SOC Type II certified facility
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit
  • WCS works with a Managed Security Service Provider and undergoes internal, external, and application penetration testing

Data integrity and quality control

The Health Informatics team is committed to the integrity of the information it transmits to health plans, wellness vendors, and other third parties for whom timely, accurate data files are critical. Our ScreenSMART tablet technology features built-in data validation rules and requires multiple layers of participant identification to ensure accurate data matching. To reduce time-consuming and error-prone data entry, the processing of physical data forms is automated through Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology, a system that converts handwriting to text.