Full Circle Wellness

Building a culture of wellness on your own can be difficult. We’re here to help.

We recognize that every client and every population is unique and requires a customized approach. Our Program Managers are true wellness consultants, passionate about creating meaningful programming initiatives that are tailored for you.

Wellness with a mission.

Our goal is to foster a culture that encourages every employee to see wellness as an obvious choice. To get there, we develop comprehensive, innovative programming that motivates employees to make healthy choices every single day. Best of all, we create a sense of fun, excitement, and team spirit that is guaranteed to energize your staff and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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    EXPERT PROGRAM MANAGEMENTWCS Program Managers are much more than account managers. They are personal wellness consultants who bring years of experience and genuine enthusiasm to everything they do. All Program Managers possess at least a master’s degree in a health-related field.Your Program Manager is there from the beginning, helping to design a strategic communication plan, develop an incentive campaign, manage biometric screenings, and much more. They offer tailored solutions to engage employees and maximize participation.
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    CUSTOMIZED INCENTIVE PROGRAMSEvery organization has a unique culture. Your Program Manager will help design an incentive strategy that fits your organization’s size, demographic makeup, and budget. Our experience covers the spectrum: participatory, outcomes-based, and hybrid programs, as well as reward strategies that leverage health premium reductions, monetary or tangible rewards, and more. Whether you already have an incentive program in place or plan to build one from the ground up, we have the knowledge and experience you need to be successful.
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    THE WELL EMPLOYEE PORTALOur easy-to-navigate, web-based platform serves as the central hub for your wellness program. The portal is highly customizable, and your Program Manager will help build a unique, branded interface that speaks to your organization and communicates your culture. The portal includes a built-in health assessment, a free smartphone app and device integration, robust health trackers, access to health coaching, a comprehensive health library, biometric data, self-guided wellness workshops, and much more. The portal’s content is updated weekly by the Program Management and health coaching teams.
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    ENGAGING WELLNESS CAMPAIGNSAre you ready to rally your employees to walk across the world, or to lose ten tons of weight? Our clients have achieved these goals and more through innovative, high-touch health and wellness challenges that are fun and engaging.
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    WELLNESS CHAMPION MANAGEMENTWellness champions are employees who act as our “boots on the ground,” playing a vital role during planning, implementation, and beyond. WCS is an industry leader in wellness champion management. We have helped numerous organizations with this process by developing customized rigorous recruitment standards, creating comprehensive educational tool kits for champions, offering turnkey monthly initiatives, and much more.
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    IN-DEPTH ANALYTICSA wellness program is an important investment, and we value that investment by providing high-quality program analytics and assessment data. We begin with a comprehensive environmental evaluation that collects vital data about each worksite. From there, baseline biometric measurements and cohort reporting help track year-over-year progress. On a quarterly basis, we report on participation rates, participant satisfaction, health assessment data, incentive reporting, health coaching progress, and any other metrics you need to stay current.